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A small number of cameras in the camera. This figure is rarely noticed. Tianjin shooting activities on the same day to hand in homework discussions, when we write down this figure, it is very convenient to hand over. This number is the number of photos, but also the file name of the photo. Isn’t it good to be found? Looking for is good, but if you don’t know, it would be easy to find. When the camera is shown, there are two sets of numbers that are not relevant to the data, one of which is the photo number, and the other is not. In our previous activities there are fans so wrong numbers, we want to say. Let’s talk about Canon and Nikon. First of all to playback photos, and then display the data: Canon camera picture playback, press "disp" or "info" button until the data playback; Nikon camera photos, click "keys" or "keys", until the data appear. SONY camera users do not worry, I just said. Nikon camera photo data shows a preview of Cary’s photos stored in the computer, may be slower. So, if you can write down the photo number, you can copy it from the memory card to your computer without having to preview it. This can improve the efficiency of the work. Similar to the upper right corner of the figure, but the record of this picture is the first of all photos. If you have selected a photo that you want to hand in your homework, this number is of no use at all. Because the computer does not show the numbers. The real photo number is shown in the figure above, which is the number you need to record. Submit the work card and the corresponding folder name + photo number to the work of the staff can receive. Canon camera and Nikon display similar way, different location. Canon camera photo data shows SONY is not the same. The following is the SONY A7M2 view photo number method: first, select the viewing mode in the playback menu. Then select the folder window, as shown below. If the date window is selected, the location of the photo number is displayed as a date, not a number. After seeing this picture. Then, every time you can see photos of the playback of a single photograph picture, as shown below. If your camera is not the same as what we are talking about, please refer to the instructions on the playback section, or the schematic diagram of the playback page. By the way, the electronic version of the manual is easier to search for what is needed. So, it is best to download the instructions from the official website, and then sync it to the phone.相关的主题文章:

Fujitsu will push carbon nanotube memory one thousand times faster than flash memory zghd

Fujitsu will push the carbon nanotubes than flash memory: one thousand times as fast as one of the highest exposure rate of nanotechnology, what with carbon nanotubes seem tall on a detached soon. The day before the Fujitsu Corporation of Japan announced a cooperation agreement with the United States Mantero company, the two sides will jointly promote the carbon nanotube memory (NRAM) research and development, manufacturing, the memory speed which is 1000 times that of ordinary flash, is expected by the end of 2018 officially launched the product, the process is 55nm. Fujitsu will push the existing research in the field of nanotechnology inside carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotubes (also called fullerenes, referred to as CNT) is a very unique material, diameter of only 5 to 1/10000 human hair, thermal conductivity, hardness is 50 times stronger than steel, Xiao Bian saying the student often heard all kinds of high-tech with carbon nanotubes the foundation, including a variety of artifacts of the battery. In the storage area, carbon nanotubes by silicon sink can achieve 0 and 1 changes, so you can also store chip, and is non-volatile, the power does not remove data. NRAM storage advantages compared to ordinary flash memory, NRAM memory chip advantage too much, read and write speed is 1000 times that of ordinary flash (Nanteo website said 1000 times, the chart is 100 times), and lower power consumption, reliability, durability, lower cost. Nantero cooperation with Fujitsu, which will integrate the NRAM memory to their own chips, is expected to launch by the end of 2018, the process for 55nm. However, NRAM is still a new technology, Nantero said in 2006 that the production of carbon nanotube memory, but there has been no progress. Even with Fujitsu reached a cooperation, the production of NRAM chips or 256Gb (32MB) size, capacity is still too small, only suitable for some embedded areas. Fujitsu will push carbon nanotube memory Fujitsu will push carbon nanotube memory相关的主题文章:

Lenovo released moto Z series of new flagship definition of modular mobile phone mfcclub.net

Lenovo released the new flagship   Moto  Z series; definition of modular mobile phone   – people.com.cn communication channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn September 7 Xinhua (Zhang Ge) yesterday, Lenovo released two Moto Z series of new products – Moto Z and Moto Z Play, Moto Z series will define the modular mobile phone brings. Unlimited expansion may create new hardware platform, ecological, Moto Z Moto Z Play price of 3999 yuan, the price of 3299 yuan. Moto Z processor Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB large memory, 2K can achieve 105%NTSC color gamut coverage resolution Super screen equipped with AMOLED, are able to see the strong sunlight. Moto Z also has 0.09 seconds to unlock speed, not only supports the screen and the touch screen to unlock the fingerprint fingerprint, also supports black fingerprint payment. Moto Z thickness of 5.2 mm, using intelligent closed loop tuning antenna, intelligent mobile phone users to hold the detection mode, according to the different position to optimize the antenna signal; and in terms of the call, inheritance Moto series of unique NICAM function call, the machine is equipped with 4 Mic noise reduction technology, intelligent recognition of 20000 kinds of noise, make the call more clearly. Moto Z uses 641Wh L high density safe fast charging core, with 3.3 mm ultra-thin design, is a low impedance safety core. With the rapid turbine quick charge function, charging 15 minutes to 6 hours, at the same time with Power Guard dual energy engine, let mobile phone use time increased by 35%. The release of Moto series of products is also a long life in the Moto Z Play location, in the 6.9 mm thin metal body, Moto Z Play can provide 36 hours long battery life time, with the rapid turbine quick charge function, charging 15 minutes to 7 hours of use. Moto Z play using 5.5 inches FHD AMOLED screen, also has a fingerprint with the speed of 0.09 seconds to unlock and focus on the laser, the design of the dual Super card supports the top double SIM card with the bottom of the largest 2TB MicroSD card. Related reading:   (commissioning editor: Zhang Ge, Yang Bo)相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – PWC City Commercial Banks down to earth in the first half net profit by 18% face gossip

Beijing – VIDEO – PWC: City Commercial Banks "down to earth" in the first half net profit by 18% City Commercial Banks: PWC "down to earth" in the first half net profit by 18% [comment] in September 21st, according to a survey released by PWC in Hongkong, the first half of 2016 in the domestic bank net profit year-on-year growth rate reached 4.6% among them, the city commercial banks with an average growth rate of 18% champion, followed by growth of 6% joint-stock commercial banks, and large state-owned banks, the lowest growth rate is 3.1%. This is because of the accompanying Chinese economic transformation and upgrading of major banks personal loans and wealth management two as a business development focus, gradually guide the higher loan capital flows profits of small and medium enterprises, so the strong regional, down to Earth City Commercial bank profit growth. [comment] PWC Hongkong banking and capital markets partner Tan Wenjie at the scene said that in the new economic norm under the background of large banks than small banks because of this pressure, customers of large banks are state-owned enterprises, it is very difficult for a good pricing trend, and the management of private banking, Internet banking and flexible adaptation the rise is the biggest advantage of market share. [] from PWC Hongkong banking and capital markets partner Tan Wenjie small commercial banks in their earnings, the net interest rate, in fact their customers and their customers in the different areas in them, they are also in the risk is above in their pricing it is possible for to a good price, so if some large banks and to compare their customers such as large banks are likely to be some very large firms, and even state-owned enterprises, so they are in pricing in this area is really possible ahead point, plus their risk is low, those customers so, will become difficult to get a good pricing pricing in this respect, so this is why in the net interest margin, big banks and small Compared with the large banks, the pressure of the big banks is much bigger. [comment] partner Liang Guowei in charge of PWC Chinese Financial Services Department also said that the role of RMB in the international arena is more and more important, the RMB will be in October 1st in the SDR, become a member of the international monetary fund a reserve currency in the basket, the cross-border transactions and debt liquidation will be more use of the renminbi, which means a great opportunity to Chinese banks. Reporter Zheng Xing Hongkong reports相关的主题文章:

12% shares in the first year to make a debt based income outperformed the stock based 13.24%- fund c foldercure

12% years in the money stock based debt based earnings outperformed stocks based 13.24%- fund channel from three quarter end market and 5 trading days, different types of public offering fund income Rainbow Night. Equity funds (ordinary equity funds and partial shares of hybrid funds) and bond funds (bond funds and partial debt hybrid fund) the results of the top three who spend? "Securities Daily" fund of the Department noted that the rate of return from the performance of the fund during the year, the bond fund is better than the performance of equity funds, at the same time, fund companies are more interested in the issuance of bond funds. It is worth noting that the stock fund income for the year "Sambo" followed by Castrol low-carbon environmental protection, circular letter Yongfeng optimum life and icbccs style industry; the bond fund income "Sambo" is followed by an A, Cathay Pacific GF poly Jintai C B pure debt and interest. 12% stock based harvest received positive environmental protection and low carbon lead for the stock market this year, after a "rain", investors gradually cautious attitude, joint stock fund investors have become cautious choice. "Securities Daily" fund of the Department of information according to WIND data show that as of September 25th, excluding the year the establishment of the new fund, the average income of 630 stock funds rate is -11.4%, of which 304 funds outperformed the average rate of return, as well as 76 funds achieved positive returns, the proportion reached 12.06%. 13 more funds achieved more than 10% of the rate of return. Selecting the best, investors pay more attention to the leader. According to WIND data, the year the stock fund "Sambo" respectively harvest low-carbon environmental protection, circular letter Yongfeng optimum life and icbccs style industry, yields were 20.1%, 19.22% and 19.21%. It is worth noting that the first half of the harvest, environmental protection and low carbon circular letter Yongfeng optimum life and icbccs style industry yields were 19.4%, 11.94% and 11.31%, that is to say, since the three quarter of the harvest, low carbon environmental protection rose 0.59%, while the circular letter Yongfeng optimum life and icbccs style industry rose 6.5% and 7.1%. From the angle of the net assets of the fund, harvest low carbon highest net worth, at the end of the two quarter of 723 million yuan, net assets of ICBC Credit Suisse sports industry compared to the low net size of 306 million yuan. But it is worth noting that, compared with the first quarter, only the circular letter Yongfeng optimum life scale increases, increased from 357 million yuan at the end of the first quarter to 425 million yuan, an increase of 63 million yuan, Castrol low carbon and icbccs style industry has shrunk 280 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively. 3 of the fund consistently reflected in the local fund positions change, compared with the end of the first quarter, in the two quarter 3 funds to improve the position, specific view, environmental protection and low carbon harvest by the end of the first quarter of 79.51% increased to 85.83%; the circular letter Yongfeng Youjia life by the end of the first quarter of 86.05% increased to 87.69%; ICBC Credit Suisse sports industry by the end of the first quarter of 55.13%, increased to 89.53%, up to the position. .相关的主题文章: